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A forward progressive agency.

We are a forward progressive port agency situated in New Plymouth servicing the Port of Taranaki and all other major ports in New Zealand.

Formed in September 1997, to provide specialist port agency services to vessels and their specific cargo operations. We are focused on fast and efficient vessel turn around, with a high level of personalised customer service.

Phoenix Shipping have the ability to attend to any port agency requirements you may have. We also provide worldwide general containerised shipping services.

Please feel free to contact us for rates and current shipping schedules. Phoenix Shipping looks forward to working with you, on any shipping requirements you may have.



Phoenix Shipping provides the best in port agency services to all principals, charterers and vessel owners.


Phoenix Shipping prides itself on service in the offshore sector, the demand to make things happen to ensure minimal down time is paramount to our clients, having very good contacts globally is strength we have to meet Customer satisfaction.


Minimise delays, ability to turnaround vessels as quickly as possible and to minimise cost. There are three very good reasons why Phoenix Shipping should be your Port Agency Representative.


Confidentiality with the ability to getting the job done.


Having worked in the industry for more than 30 years has given us the experience to deal with most issues that arise around vessel owner requests. This experience has allowed us to make some very good contacts not just globally but also world wide to assist the owners on all shipping and crew related matters.


Phoenix Shipping will meet all crew to assist with any transport requirements to or form the vessel. This also applies for crew departing the vessel to airport or hotel.


Our connections both locally and globally allow us to handle your cargo anywhere in the world, the bigger the better.


With over 30 years’ experience in the shipping and offshore industry, we have the ability to pull together a very skilled team to ensure all customers project requirements are met.


Having the right people in the right place ensure we meet your demands. Once again our strength comes from our experience in this industry to make sure you receive your goods in a timely manner.


Legal definition of ship’s husbandry service

SHIP’S HUSBAND, mar. law. An agent appointed by the owner of a ship, and invested with authority to make the requisite repairs, and attend to the management, equipment, and other concerns of the ship he is usually authorised to act as the general agent of the owners, in relation to the ship in her home port.


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Port Information

Port of Auckland Limited is the port for New Zealand's largest city, connecting our country's importers and exporters with more than 165 international ports in nearly 70 countries.

We provide a full range of cutting-edge cargo-handling and logistics services at two seaports – one on the east coast adjacent to the Auckland central business district, the other on the west coast in Onehunga – and a strategically located inland port at Wiri, South Auckland.


By value of trade handled, we are New Zealand's most significant port. In 2010, we handled cargo the equivalent to 13% of the country's total GDP - twice as much as any other New Zealand port.

Our Auckland seaport is New Zealand's largest container port, handling more than 818,000 20-foot equivalent container units (TEU) per annum. Our total container volumes represent 50.38% of the Upper North Island container trade, 42% of the North Island container trade and 31.3% of New Zealand's total container trade.

Port of Auckland

Port Information

Port of Tauranga is the natural gateway to and from international markets for many of New Zealand's businesses.

The Port's location is central to key export commodity sources. We have direct and dedicated access to New Zealand's largest import market, the capacity to expand our infrastructure, and unrivalled sea, road and rail connections.


The Port's key strength lies in our ability to grow to meet customer requirements and market demands. We have the land holdings to expand, and the integrity, innovation and commitment to meet our customers' future needs.

The key to this success is a focus on maintaining our core business at Tauranga, while also expanding into new ventures that are reshaping the traditions of service delivery in New Zealand's port sector.

Port or Tauranga

Port Information

Port Taranaki is centrally located on the west coast of the North Island and is the only deep water seaport on New Zealand's western seaboard.

The port was established in 1875. In 1881 work on a breakwater began to provide safe anchorage from the Tasman Sea. Port Taranaki is now well sheltered by two breakwaters which extend from either end of a naturally curved bay.

Port Taranaki offers nine fully serviced berths for a wide variety of cargoes and vessels. The maximum port draft is 12.5m, and for vessels in excess of 10m Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC) must be used.


Port Taranaki is a modern port which handles a diversity of cargoes and offers a full range of providoring, stevedoring, ship agency and government border protection services.

An unusual feature of the port is that it has a beach within its breakwaters adjacent to its operational area. The popularity of Ngamotu Beach is testament to Port Taranaki's commitment to safe working practices and regard for the environment.

Port Taranaki

Port Information

Port Whangarei  - the deep water commercial port facility at Marsden Point - is situated in Northland at the entrance to Whangarei Harbour, making it the northernmost multi-purpose port in New Zealand, and the closest port to the majority of New Zealand's international markets.

Port Whangarei is New Zealand's newest port facility and although primarily built for the export of Northland's forest products, the terminal's multipurpose facility caters for a wide range of cargoes and their associated vessel types, including logs, woodchips, veneer, kiwifruit, cement and fertiliser. Contact Us to find out how we can help you.


Served by a good road connection to the country's State Highway network.

Less than  two hours from Auckland, New Zealand's main city, business centre and commercial link to the Central North Island.

The closest port in New Zealand to most international markets.

Purpose built to be flexible to be able to cater for a wide range of cargoes and their associated vessel types.


Port Information

New Zealand's most easterly commercial port, located in the heart of Gisborne City.

The port welcomes vessels exporting cargoes of logs, processed timber products, squash and kiwifruit from the international wharves. It also handles visits from coastal vessels including Royal NZ Navy ships, cement carriers, fertiliser ships, fishing vessels, cruise ships and numerous recreational boats.


92% of the region's exports leave via Eastland Port including logs, squash, plywood and kiwifruit

Over the past three years, export volumes through Eastland Port have increased 100%.

The log yards account for much of the 12 hectares the port rests on.

Projects are underway to extend the footprint to 13.5 hectares.

Eastland - Gisbrone

Port Information

The Port of Napier Ltd operates as a fully autonomous subsidiary of Hawke's Bay Regional Investment Company (HBRIC), which holds a 100% shareholding. HBRIC appoints the Directors of Port of Napier Ltd.

HBRIC is an investment company established by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to manage some of its larger and future proposed investments in infrastructure within the region.


Napier Port's recent expansion is the result of increased customer demand for cargo handling and has seen the appointment of a manager to lead cargo logistics.

Port of Napier

Port Information

Port Nelson is the gateway for a region that produces forestry products, fruit and wine and is a processing base for seafood.

Port Nelson is the maritime gateway for the Nelson Marlborough region – a vital hub for economic activity and a key stakeholder in our region's continued growth and prosperity. For over 170 years Port Nelson has welcomed visitors and commercial operators to the Top of the South Island, and continues to respond to the needs of its customers and its community.


Forestry (Log & processed wood products). The main log export markets are in North Asia (Japan and South Korea) with Southern China and Middle East markets growing in the last few years.

Fishing. Nelson is home to the two largest fish processing companies in New Zealand.

Pip Fruit. Nelson is the second largest apple growing area in New Zealand. As a traditional pipfruit growing area the backbone of the local industry was the small family operated orchard.

Port Nelson

Port Information

Located in Wellington, Centre Port is New Zealand's most strategically situated intermodal hub, linking road, rail, domestic and international shipping services.

Centre Port's central geographic location, natural sheltered deep-water harbour, and modern port facilities enable it to offer a broad range of cargo and logistics services.


Centre Port's excellent infrastructure, vessel and cargo handling services, and our ongoing innovations in the area of information and communication technology, ensure our commitment to our customers is built on strong foundations.

The port's facilities comprise a modern, fully equipped container terminal and dedicated conventional cargo wharves.

Centre Port - Wellington

Port Information

Port Marlborough operates a diverse range of port facilities and services in and around Picton and Havelock, at the heads of Queen Charlotte and Pelorus Sounds at the top of the South Island.

The Port of Picton is one of the busiest ports in New Zealand with over 7,500 large vessel movements annually.


A significant component of Port Marlborough's business is the provision of facilities for tourism and leisure industry operators. Picton hosts a number of cruise ship visits each summer and both Picton and Havelock provide bases for a growing number of tourism and adventure-tourism operators.

The company is the second largest marina operator in New Zealand with marinas in Waikawa, Picton and Havelock that together comprise in excess of 1,000 berths and accommodate more than 400 additional vessels in boat sheds and storage compounds.

Port Marlborough

Port Information

The Port of Greymouth is situated on the West Coast of the South Island at the mouth of the Grey River.

The Port of Picton is one of the busiest ports in New Zealand with over 7,500 large vessel movements annually.


Entrance is across a bar, between breakwaters to cargo wharves on the river and fish unloading wharves/fishing boat berthages in Erua Moana Lagoon.

Port of Greymouth

Port Information

As the major deep-water port in the South Island, Lyttelton is at the hub of trade and plays a vital role in the global transport network.

The port prides itself on catering for a diverse range of trades and offers a full array of shipping services to exporters and importers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That trade is essential to Canterbury businesses and consumers.


Lyttelton's container terminal provides specialised cargo handling and stevedoring services for containers and plant hire. It is supported by our inland container storage and repair facility CityDepot.

On the water, full marine services are provided including the provision of tugs, pilots to escort ships into and out of the port, staff to assist with ships' lines when ships are berthing, and security.

Port Lyttelton

Port Information

From its first beginnings PrimePort Timaru has been intrinsically linked to the agricultural sector.

Just as it did over 125 years ago PrimePort essentially services a huge agricultural hinterland providing the import and export gateway for the main industry that drives the New Zealand economy.


An easy approach channel plus a sheltered inner harbour allows vessels up to 245m in length and up to 11.5m draft to access the port. The berth booking system for liner vessels guarantees availability of a berth, labour, cranes and plant.

PrimePort - Timaru

Port Information

Port Otago is the primary export port for the South Island region of New Zealand and believes strong competition offers real benefits to shipping lines and cargo owners.

Port Otago ensures this strong competition by delivering superior customer service in all aspects of its activities through a can-do attitude and hard work. Our people are committed to delivering the highest standards of port services at all times.


Port Otago is a full service port. We offer a comprehensive range of services for both shipping lines and cargo owners including warehousing at quayside. From pilot station to berth, Port Otago can handle all your requirements seamlessly.

The facility covers 15 hectares of heavy duty paved area with the capacity to store over 4000 containers. A wash pad for 72 containers ensures efficient turnaround for both dry and reefer containers for dsipatch to export pack-points.

Port Otago

Port Information

Located in Bluff Harbour, at the southern tip of New Zealand's South Island, South Port is New Zealand's southernmost commercial deep water port.

South Port prides itself on adding value to its import and export customers, providing customised solutions to meet their needs and partnering with them to achieve their operational objectives.


From its base on the 40ha man-made Island Harbour, South Port is proud to provide a full range of marine services, cargo and container shipping, and on-site warehousing for domestic and international customers. The port is ideally situated to service Southland's significant export and import industries including aluminium, timber, fisheries, dairy, meat, wood chips, stock food, cement, alumina, fertiliser and petroleum products.

South Port - Bluff



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